I’m Lauren and I’m an intuitive eating expert who helps women ditch the fad diets, stop the cycle of losing and gaining weight to make a lasting change for good.

That’s great! But what is intuitive eating?

I’m glad you asked.

With intuitive eating there is no failing, no off-limit foods, and no shaming because you will learn new ways to eat, think, and move.

When you learn to live differently you stop the spiral that leaves you feeling discouraged, frustrated, and like you shouldn’t even try anymore.

I get it, I used to play that game.

It wasn’t until I learned what was going on in my mind, that I could break how crazed I was when it came to food and my body. All I needed were some new approaches, strategies, and core beliefs and my life was changed forever.

And yours will be too.


I believe once we ditch the diet and the thin ideal, we can learn to feel amazing in our bodies and live our best lives.

When you feel your best, drop the craziness around food, you can show up in your life and make a difference in this world (using your unique talents and abilities) in ways you could never have imagined before when you were obsessing about food.

I deeply desire for women to be set free from the war on their bodies.

We say we “just want to be healthy” but then we try wild means to get to that end. You know what I mean - we think that the next juice cleanse, exercise regimen, or 30 day eating plan is going to totally rock our world.

What happens? You ditch it. You fail. Or you simply don’t get the results you thought you’d get when you started.

Are you tired of this yet?

Are you ready to fully show up in your life?

Are you ready to fall back in love with your body and live life to the fullest?

If you are, let’s talk. We can end the madness for good, check out the ways we can work together!